The White Man at the Cross Roads in South Africa.


Published in 1925 this tiny paphlet has been formed from articles published in the “Daily Dispatch”,a newspaper printed in East London,It sets out the many problems that face South Africa in the near future.As part of the British Empire South Africa is the only dominion with two distinct white races.That it is the only province of British name where the majority of people are not of European decent.South Africa will never be a white mans country.The question of importance is.What is the oulook for the children of both black and white?.

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Light-weight printed paper covers,a little on the grubby side,with stapled binding,in a very rusted state.Size 7×5 pp 34,no plates text only.Binding good but the staples are badly rusted leaving staines,A few spots of foxing to the outsides,Otherwise internaly nice and clean throughout.


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