The tune that they play


It was a” Bloody Massacre”.On the slopes of Isandhlwana six companies of British infantry faced the savage onslaught of twenty thousand Zulus. It was 1879,the year when the square was first broken by Cetshwayo and his blood-crazed hordes.Death was only seconds away but the soldiers would stand and fight to the last man.This is a true story of heroic courage-yet even courage could not make up for the incompetent leadership which would result only in a bloody massacre,This book is the superbly stirring story of one of history’s most memorable battles.

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Limp illustrated card covers,hand-soiled with the corners slightly bruised.Size 7×4 pp 188,bibliography,no illustrations text only.Hinges strong.Binding good to firm,No foxing or staining,but heavily age-browned throughout.There are some pencil dots in the margins where a previous reader has marked his place,and some ink spots in the bibliography.Otherwise internally clean.


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