The Treason Cage.(The Opposition on Trial in South Africa.)


The title of this book is “The Treason Cage”,which signifies a person whose views on the style of government,and how it operates,if such a person was to express his or her views,would at once become trapped,as in a cage.In December 1956 many people from all walkes of life,black or white or coloured,were arrested and charged with treason against the state.They all had one thing in common,they were all memberes of the Africa National Congress,A.N.C This book puts a better light on the vast mis-justice carried out on those that would not conform.

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This volume is a “uncorrected proof”.That is to say it has not been checked through by the proof reader and may very well contain mistakes and imperfections,and therefore is not legally for sale to the general public.Dressed in the usual drab brown limp printed covers,it is not very good being heavily stained and grubby,with the spine badly damaged by insects or damp,Size 8×5 pp 13+243,inc,various appendixes,reprduced photographic plates.Hinges weak.Binding good but dry.Internally,very heavily stained and age-browned throughout.


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