The South African Archaeological Bulletin


How knowledgeable are South African archaeological students. Segments of time: A Mid-Holocene Wilton site in the Transvaal. Faunal remains from jubilee Shelter,Transvaal. Amacrolithic factory site at Masari,Kavango (South West Africa/Namibia) affinities and interpretation. Traditional smithing and forging of South African Bloomery iron. Polished stone implements from the Barborton district Eastern Transvaal.

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All in limp printed card covers,generaly in good condition,some slightly hand-soild.Sizes al 12×8 pp ranging from 47 to b/w photographic prints,diagrams and sketched in text,illustrations of artifacts,various tables and charts,graphs and page maps,site plans.All internally clean and bright throughout.This is very interesting material


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