The Rise and Crisis of Afrikaner Power.


This study finds the roots of the conflict situation in South Africa not in ideological racism but in the mobilization of the Afrikaners as a political class and the entrenchment of Afrikaner power and privilage.Is fundamental change possible in a society ruled by an ethnic group which fears that loss of power would mean its demise?The black challenge of the mid-seventies has forced the ruling group to recognize the failure of mere coercion against the politicized black subject class,and to weigh the rising cost of apartheid.

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Limp printed card covers,clean,but very much edge-worn,and with some creasing.Size 8×5 pp XII+308,inc.index,various lists,no illustrations text only.No foxing,staining or browning,there is some childs green crayon scribbling here and there in the text,and on the inside of the reverse cover.Otherwise internally clean and bright throughout.


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