The origin of the Xosas and others.


Now here is a simple but very important little book,especially for the serious student of anthropology,who is seeking to know the truth,as far as it can be assertained,regarding the origin of the South African native races.As its base,it studies the origin of the Xhosa,as they were the forrunner in the migration south and east,together with some of the kindred tribes,e.g. Zulu.We start of course with Egypt and Libya,and proceed from there A simple little book but very useful.

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Limp illustrated card covers,reasonably clean but with some damage to the spine,and slightly edge-worn.Size 7×5 pp 60,inc,b/w plates inc.frontispiece.A few pencil marks to some of the leaves,that can easilly be rubbed out.Front hinge almost detached.Binding lose and in places broken,but holding,No foxing,but hand-soiled at prelims,and generally age-browned throughout,and apart from the pencil marks clean for its age.


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