The Kpelle of Liberia.


This is an extract taken from a much larger journal called ” The Peoples of Africa”A study in Social Anthropology concerning the Kpelle people of Liberia.The Kpelle are found primarily in Central Province,and also in Western Province.They occupy a great wedge that almost bisects the country.They speak one of the tonal Mande-Fu languages of the Mandi subfamily that is part of the large Niger-Congo family.This is a very usefull and interesting study of quite an obscure African people.



A printed paper face,with a much stiffer card back,protected with a heavy guage plastic cover to face only,stapled binding protected by a slide-on plastic sleeve.Size 9×6 pp bibliography,plus notes to text.some photographic b/w plates,all very clean and tidy.a simle item but for the collector of anthropology,and tribal people,an interesting piece.


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