Social Organization of the Gwembe Tonga


The decision to implement the Kariba Scheme was announced in February 1955.Work commenced on the dam in August 1955 and the Gwembe Tonga,who lived in the area of inundation,had to be removed and resettled by the middle of 1959.The Gwembe,or Valley, Tonga of Northern Rhodesia are perhaps the only people who rejected the economic and material advancement of a fast changing was therefore considered of importance that a record of their customs should be made before they were uprooted.



H/b in reasonably clean boards except for celotape staines,in a illustrated d/ a plastic protection cover with taped sewn edges,Size 9×6 pp XX11+234,inc,index,bibliography,various appendix,large f/o map,various genealogical charts,b/w plates inc frontispiece,various tables.Hinges strong,Binding good to strong,This is a ex-library copy with all the usual faults,book-plated stamps,labels,barcodes and card holders,and of course taped edges,but internally clean and bright throughout.


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