My Friend Kumalo.


The author of this book has drawn his inspiration from the Rev.Mtombe Kumalo,who is a member of the Royal House of the Matabele race.This is basically a study of the early history of the Matabele race,who originated from the Kumalo people,who lived originally on the Northern border of Zululand,Their chief,Mzilikazi,after some disagreemant with the Zulu King Shaka,fled with his people over the Drakensburg into the Transvaal,and adopted the title Matabele.

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Limp printed card covers,grubby looking with damaged corners and spine,front leaf almost detached.Size 10×7 pp X + 54,inc,various appendexes,plates taken from old sepia photographic prints,inc frontispiece,some skeched plates,inc sketches in text.Prelims and end papers soiled,internally ,nice and clean for its age.


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