Household Viability Among the Pastoral Fulani.


I have included this social anthropological study of the pastoral Fulani people purely on the grounds that these people being initialy nomadic first originated as far as i can discover from the Western Sudan, but their influence now extends mainly from the Camerouns through to Senegal. This journal extract examins the Fulani homestead and the family structure, the position of the Wife, Husband and chidren. making an interesting, and very important study of an ancient people.



Basicaly a section taken from an archaeology and anthropolographical journal. (Illegaly i must say).Printed front cover off original journal. Title and author re -typed on. Protected clear face cover stapled onto thick Rexine covered back board, with slip-on plastic title spine, inside front cover glue stained. Size 9×6 pp 28 plus 1 map. All clean, firm,neat cheapand simple, and priced accordingly .An interesting item. But i must stress, an illegal act,As a breach of copyright. –


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