First Steps in East Africa or An Exploration of Harar.


There has perhaps never been an explorer endowed with such protien gifts as Sir Richard Francis Burton.This masterpiece published as a two volumn set is recognised as a classic adventure story.Based on knowledge of Ethiopia, and Western Somalia, it introduces the famous Isa,tribesmen who equated cruelty with honour,murder with heroism.It tells of the tribal trials by ordeal in fire or boiling water. Most famously, the book presented the first picture of life inside Harar,a walled city of 8,000 souls ruled by a despotic young prince.Good historic reading.

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This leather–bound,two volume set reprinted from the 1894 edition, Cover design by Time-Life Books,Bound by Brepols S A,Turnhout,Belgium.Paneled faces and spine,all edges gilded,Size 9×6 pp 209&276, Appendix plates in colour, maps, charts and diagrams, both with coloured frontispiece, marbled end papers,Both volumes clean and bright throughout, in very fine condition.A realy lovely set.


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