This little book sets out the history of Egypt. From the Nile valley and the ancient Egyptians that inhabited the area. Taking us through the stone age —Egyptian chronology and the coming of the dynastic Egyptians. On through the various dynasties, up to the Nubian dynasty at Thebes at about (715–660b.c )Egyptian decay, the Assyrians, Saites and Persians( about 663–361bc). Alexander the Great (356–323bc). The Ptolemies, Romans, Arabs, Turks, ect.

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h/b small 7x5vo no d/w boardes somewhat grubby with bumped corners. The Home University Library Series.Spine faded. Hinges strong. Binding fair, a little weak in places. Pp 256inc index, with a short bibliography. Plus adverts of further reading available from the Home University Library.Textblock fair in places, but generaly on the dirty side especialy in places with some damage. One printed plate, plus two page maps. Prelims brownd. An interesting little book, in a very dirty state throughout.


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