Dahomean marriage:A Revaluation.


This is an extract taken from the main jounal “Africa”, vol 19, no,4 , 1949 pp273-287.It relates to ethnographical material on Dahomey as a reassessment of later theoretical developments of the very interesting types of marriage reported there. It describes the three criteria involved in the 13 “types” of marriage (1)The method of arranging the marriage, including courtship and payment of the bride-wealth;(2)The status of the children;and (3) The relationship between man and wife.It seems to me to be a very interesting little study.



As before stated this is an extract from the quarterly journal “Africa. Bound into a little pamphlet. Size 8×5, stapled together with a strong plastic protection cover. The spine being coverd by a slide on red plastic slieve,pp46, printed on one side only, all in fine condition for what it is as related in the price, for those interested in ethnography, an nice little addition.


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