Blood–debts and Clientship among the Lele


A lecture given to the Institute by the anthropologist Mary Douglas. Based on the Lele, a small tribe inhabiting the Kasai district of the Belgian Congo.They hunt wild game, cultivate maize, manioc, and the raffia palm, and live in small compact villages ranging in size from 10 to130 adult men.Mary’s fieldwork among them was sponsored by the International African Institute .She gives an account of their political arrangments, and their system of clientship used to settle blood-debts.

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Printed front card cover only( no back), an 28 page extract from a journal of the aforesaid tittle.Spine held in a black plastic binder. 28 pages of text, with various geneological charts and diagrams. All in good condition for what it is, nice and clean and sharp.However an extract only, and not a complete journal.An interesting read for those studying anthropological African material.


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