Basutoland:Its legends and Customs.


Once again here is another attempt on the history of Basutoland and its people.Set out in 19 chapters it covers a vertual mass of subjects and topics,from basicaly a outline of Basuto history-the life of Mosheshwe-Letsie-Lerotholi-principal chiefs-scenery,the natural features of the countryside.The major wars-their causes and effects-the influences of the Missionaries,the Boers and Britain.A hive of information.

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Yes I have 2 vols. Of this item in the library,both in h/b in the original boards Size 8×5 pp 5+190 inc adverts,no plates text only.the more expencive copy is cleaner externaly,the other a little more aged and worn with some damage to the top of the spine,corners bumped,and edge-worn.Hinges of both vols.are sound.Bindings of both are strong,However the cheaper much cleaner.The expencive copy is badly foxed.Both are very age-browned and stained.with a bookplate to the cheaper vol.Books over a 100 years old, Fair copies,basicaly sound.


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