BANTU STUDIES A journal devoted to the Scientific Study of Bantu, Hottentot and Bushman.


This item was first published in 1921 as a journal devoted to the scientific study of the Bantu,Hottentot and Bushman peoples of southern Africa,  (48 volumes in total. Unfortunately this not as a complete run. See hand written index for exact details of missing items) at the Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, into which all the noted scholarly people published their research work, and it was, and still is, a ground base where most of the anthropological, ethnological, ethnographical and scientific material is drawn from, and is a valuable source of information to any student of African tribal history.

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Most of the 48 volumes in stock are in the original limp printed card covers basically in good condition,however some of the more early items have chipped and worn edges but are internally clean.Sizes are all at 10×6 pp 300 plus,basically text but some have illustrations,with furthur book reviews,indexes and bibliographies Vol.2&3.covering the years1923—1929,are in new bound volumes,still in card covers.In order to complete the set in its original form,the following years need to be searched for.1923,1924,1925,1926,1928,1929,1930,1933, and 1934.A brilliant set to have in any library


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