Ashantis of Ghana.–People with a soul.


No history of Ghana can be written without the Ashantis. Firstly because Ashanis not only believed in the aphorism”Unity is strength”but worked for it and built many fragments of tribal units into a kingdom the size of England hundreds of years before Europeans came to West Africa with their own dinstintive system of government, justice and social order Ten chapters of interesting reading about a once powerful nation..



There are 2 volumes of this booklet in the library stock.The 1st ed of 1969 that has just the 10 chapters. The 2nd ed of 1989 has an extra chapter added.There is a difference in the appearence of the illustrated card cover not only in colour but that the Forowa–an ointment pot, featured on the face is printed the opposite way round.covers in good condition one vol protected. Size 9×6 pp 127 &132.reprint photo plates.Hinges strong. Binding firm.Textblock clean throughout. Some general browning to 2nd ed.Both v/g copies.


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