Amazons of Black Sparta ~The Women Warriors of Dahomey.


World history and historical legend are strewn with references to fighting women.Some were warrior queens,who both ruled and waged war:Africa had its share of warrior queens.One,Candace (or Kandake)of the Nubian kingdom of Meroe,fought the Romans in southernmost Egypt in the first century BC.We know much more about another African warrior queen,Nzinga of Matamba,a dominant figure in 17th century Angola.European visitors to Dahomey generaly began referring to the women soldiers.Read about these women.

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Illustrated card covers,quite badly creased accross the outside bottom corner,Size 9×6 pp 12+280 inc index, bibliography,notes to various chapters,plates,plus page maps to prelims.Hinges strong,Binding tight (suggest unread),Internaly nice and clean and bright.If it wasn’t for the badly creasd front cover,it could be classed as a near fine copy.


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